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He Asks His Dogs To Sit And Roll Over And Finds His Cat Doing It As Well!

Whether you love having a cat in your house or having a dog in your house, this video will appeal to you.   When dog owners begin learning tricks with their dogs, they usually start with something simple, like sitting down and rolling over. However, for cats, we don’t ever really see them do tricks.   But why not?   Check out this cat named Didga. Didga is an adorable cat that lives with two other Rottweilers named Lucy and Phoenix. What’s unique about Didga is that she’s very attentive to her owner and really breaks certain feline stereotypes...

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Snoring Dog Gets Hilariously Awakened By Itself In A Video Recording

If you’re like most people, you probably have a hard time sleeping with someone who snores. That’s why you try to go to bed first, so that you can avoid the hassle.   Unfortunately for Tal Solomon, his dog is always asleep first. And yep, it snores.   Dog owner Tal decided it was time he get some sleep, so he came up with a plan that’s hilarious: wake the dog up with itself! Using a video recording of his dog, he puts up his phone next to it while its asleep and sure enough, it woke up with...

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Dog Owner Hilariously Teases His Pet With Meat Drawer

We all know dogs love food. Especially when it comes to juicy meat like steaks and bacon. In this classic comedy video, Andrew Grantham is the ultimate dog teaser.   As he speaks to his pet and voices over his dog’s expressions, the accuracy is absolutely spot on. Grantham talks to his dog about eating maple bacon, steaks, and even feeding chicken to the cat instead! This leaves our canine friend here with a groaning expression and it’s hilarious to watch. No matter how hard you try, this video will definitely get you giggling. Check out the video down...

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Bulldog Vs. Hammock Becomes The Funniest Battle

Pets struggling to do things seem to always be funny entertainment for us to watch. This short video of this cute bulldog trying to relax on a hammock is another thing you can add to your “funny entertainment” list.   The video showcases this adorable dog trying to lie on a hammock. Unfortunately for him, as he goes on the hammock, his weight keeps shifting the hammock like a teeter totter, leaving our adorable friend to repetitively keep trying to lie down. This harmless confusion by the dog seems to present no frustration to him as his cute face...

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Runt of the Litter is Nursed to Full Health by a Kind Stranger

Bruce the cat looks like your typical, run-of-the-mill cat. You would hardly be able to tell that only 8 months ago, Bruce was smaller than a hamster.   This is Bruce today –   brucethecat.co.nz/Facebook – but 8 months ago, he looked more like this: brucethecat.co.nz/Facebook His owner, Kathryn, found him outside on a rainy November day. At first, she believed him to be a small mouse or rat. Upon further inspection, she saw that he was a kitten. What she had thought was his rodent tail was in fact an umbilical cord. Just hours after his birth, Bruce...

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