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Bear Chased Up a Tree By Territorial Poodles

Look! Up in the tree! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a bear!   Residents in Southwest Denver were in for a shock last week when they woke up to find that a bear had set up camp in their neighborhood. More specifically, the bear set up camp in a tree. It has been reported that the bear, which was wandering around the neighborhood, had been chased up the tree by a pair of territorial poodles. While that probably conjures a humorous image in your head, the story had a less than joyful end. Because the bear...

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Adorable Dog Has The Most Ridiculous Sounding Sneezes

Dogs, much like humans, sometimes get into sneezing fits. These sneezing episodes are triggered just the same way sneezes are triggered in humans – dust, allergies, itchy noses, and any number of other reasons. Also like humans, these sneezing fits can be ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Take Maggie, for instance. She is a 19-year old rat terrier and, for years now, she’s been getting cute little sneezing fits like the one in the video below. When she sneezes, she makes an adorable little noise and her whole body shakes. Her owner says that she recovers quickly after these episodes. Check out...

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Dog is Way Too Interested in Ball Launcher

With very few exceptions, dogs love to play fetch. If you have a good arm and the patience to throw the same ball over and over again, your dog will love you forever. But what if you don’t feel up to a game of fetch?   Well, you should get yourself a ball launcher! Buddy is a dog who was rescued in Northern Quebec. Buddy is lucky enough to have his very own ball launcher. All Buddy has to do is pick up the ball, drop it in the launcher bowl, and wait for the machine to toss it...

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Man Rescues Dog Chained Up For Years

This is the story of Rusty Diamond.   Rusty has lived his whole life in Arizona. More specifically, he has lived his whole life chained to the same front porch. For 10-15 years, Rusty lived in a small bubble, only ever able to move as far as his metal chain would let him. His owners called him vicious and kept him cooped up in one yard, in one house, on one chain. Life looked bleak for poor Rusty.   One day, Rusty met a man named Jared. Jared was walking through the neighborhood when he noticed a dog tied...

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