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Little Kid Opens a No-Kill Shelter in His Own Garage!

No-kill animal shelters are becoming a more regular thing nowadays, but they aren’t available everywhere. In most cases, if a shelter can’t find an appropriate home for an animal, they have to put them down. When 9-year old Ken learned that, he was not happy. Through an online campaign, he and his father were able to raise enough money to fund Ken’s very own no-kill shelter in the Philippines. Happy Animals Club Happy Animals Club   With the help of his father’s friends, he was able to install a wall in his garage to keep his sheltered animals, currently...

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The Philippines Knows How To Throw A New Year's Eve Party!

Okay, the ball drop in Times Square every New Year’s Eve in New York is one of the greatest and most famous year end parties the world has ever seen. However, we’re thinking that our friends in the Philippines could use a lot more exposure than what they’re getting. From atop the Gramercy residences in the middle of Manila, a rooftop club offers an incredible and breathtaking view of the greatest New Year’s Eve fireworks display we’ve ever seen. We have never in our entire lives seen that many fireworks of such a high caliber in such a density,...

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Stunning Zip Line In The Philippines

When it comes to fun on the lake, most people would look for a wakeboard or a jet ski to really crank up the fun a few levels beyond the old tire swing. At Lake Sebu in the Philippines they figured the best way to have people void their travel insurance would be to rapidly propel them across what seems like half of the forest on the island at a wicked pace. Unlike most zip lines, this one anchors you in a horizontal position to help create the illusion of flying like Superman. A very brave (or crazy) individual...

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