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Woman Helps Veteran in Need in Grocery Store Aisle

Whenever you hear stories about veterans getting much needed help in public, the story usually involves a homeless person who went to war for their country. In this case, however, the veteran in question isn’t homeless, but was still very much in need of help.   Homelessness isn’t the only issue facing veterans, even though it is one of the more pressing ones. This story just goes to show the importance of taking the time to stop and help someone you don’t know when they show signs of distress in public. Read the heartwarming story below. via Lisa Lemming...

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Woman is Taught a Lesson in True Beauty by Her Kids

Children are unrelentingly honest. Sometimes, just sometimes, that can be a really great thing.   Bridgette was absolutely mortified when she discovered that her 7-year old had taken a picture of her. The picture was from their vacation to Lake Tahoe. In it, she can be seen sleeping on a beach towel in a bathing suit.   To Bridgette, this photo was cause for reprimand. She was upset that her child took a picture of her sleeping on the beach, in a bathing suit she didn’t like, in a body she wasn’t comfortable with. To her children though, there...

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Waitstaff Honors the Sacrifice of an Aging Veteran

In an ever-changing world, it’s easy to feel forgotten as we age. Between the non-stop nature of military conflict these days and a decreasing visibility of the elderly in the internet age, it’s easy for a veteran to be looked over or fee under-appreciated.   That’s why one waitstaff member’s actions are so appreciated and represent a much need attitude in this world. Give the story a look below! via Benjamin Orozco Lopez Credit Benjamin Orozco...

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Teacher Writes Student Encouraging Letter After He Gets His SAT Results

Most of us have skills and talents that simply cannot be measured by standardized tests. It’s entirely possible to be a well-rounded, highly-educated and intelligent person and still not do well on standardized tests. This is because they are designed to measure a specific set of skills. The SATs in particular were originally designed to test whether a solider in the U.S. military had “what it takes” to be an officer one day.   Still, a lot of pressure can be put on people who take these tests, on purpose or otherwise. That’s why it was so refreshing when...

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Man Shares Incredible Fertility Story on Facebook

Sometimes couples struggle with fertility. Trying to get pregnant can be a heart-wrenching experience riddled with anxiety. Recently, Dan Majesky shared his and his wife’s story on Facebook. It’s a bit of a long saga, but the story is truly touching. Check it out below and on Dan’s Facebook page. Leah Ashley Majesky Leah Ashley Majesky Leah Ashley Majesky Dan...

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