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Vinta Type II Backpack: The Ultimate All-in-One Travel Companion

The Type II Backpack is perfect for the person who’s always on the go! It’s designed to hold all your gear and keep up with your busy lifestyle. It has a lightweight design, and it can hold everything you need, from camera lenses to a 15″ laptop! The travel kit has enough space to hold all the travel essentials in one sleek design. It’s made of premium materials, including waterproof twill, ensuring your investment stays safe. The dedicated pockets and straps ensures everything has its own place. Available Here. Original S-Series available Here. Watch the demo down below!  ...

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Pilot Took Off Without Realizing Who His Passenger Was, Instantly Regrets It

If you’ve ever jumped to conclusions without knowing all the facts, this joke is directly towards you.   When this pilot thought he knew about who his passenger was, he lifted off with no questions asked.   Moments later, after learning the true identity of the passenger, he instantly regret his decision.   Read the joke below:       LOL. I guess there’s a lesson to be learned here: never assume, always ask before reaching a...

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