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Look at Mommy LED Light: Keep Your Kids Entertained While Taking Pictures

The Look at Mommy LED Light is perfect for the parent in your life! It’s designed to keep your child looking at the camera when you’re taking photos. The bright light makes your photos look professional. The colorful, adorable character keeps your little one entranced while you take your photo! It’s designed to work with any smartphone at any angle! The light also has three brightening modes, ensuring you always have the perfect light in your photos! Available here. Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy Look at Mommy LED Light $27.95 Buy now Comments Facebook...

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Mixtiles: Print Your Smartphone Photos and Hang Them in Style

Mixtiles are perfect for the person who loves displaying their photos in their home! This smartphone app-based product is designed to print your photos on a tile at an affordable price. Simply select the photos you want to print on the app—three tiles cost $49 and each additional tile is $9. Plus, shipping is completely free—you only pay for the prints themselves! When they get to your home, you can stick and restick them to your walls as many times as you want! It’s the perfect, affordable way to get some custom art on your walls! Available Here. Watch...

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The Flexy Paw Treat Holder – Easily Take Selfies and Portraits of Your Dogs and Cats

The Flexy Paw is a simple smart phone attachment that lets you grab your pet’s full attention while taking photos. It’s done by clipping their favorite toy or treat on the attachment. It’s very easy to use. First, attach the Flexy Paw on your smart phone or tablet. Then, clip on your pet’s favorite toy or treat to grab their attention while holding your device. Finally, snap the photo! And that’s it, you’ve taken a beautiful picture of your pet. You can adjust the Flexy Paw as well to get different angles. Available Here. Watch the demo down below!...

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