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Canadian Animal Rights Activist Faces Jail Time For Act Of Compassion

They say that no good deed goes unpunished, and a Canadian woman learned that the hard way. Anita Krajnc is an animal rights activist and co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, a group of people dedicated to improving the rights of animals (especially pigs) and about bringing to light the practices of slaughterhouses.   Back in June of 2015, Anita and several other protesters gathered near the route pigs take to the slaughterhouse. Anita gave the pigs some water, which did not sit well with the truck driver. It was the middle of a truly bad spate of hot weather,...

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This Pig Saved Her Owner From A Heart Attack, This Is Their Story

You’re driving down a residential road when you see a dead pig laying in the middle of the street. Naturally, you get out to see what’s going on. Unexpectedly, the pig rises up and takes off. Of course, you follow after them. Eventually the pig stops and you look around, confused as to why the pig led you here of all places.   You notice cuts on the pig’s body and call out, “your pig is in distress.”   You hear in response. “I’m in distress, too!” What a specific hypothetical situation. Well, actually, it isn’t hypothetical at all....

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