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This Passenger Had the Perfect Response When an Air Traffic Controller Asked Him How He Knew He Was Upside Down

No one knows how they’ll respond in a situation until they’re thrown right into it. This passenger was enjoying his flight when suddenly the pilot could no longer fly the plane. He called air traffic control on the pilot’s phone, and when they asked him questions, he knew exactly how to respond. Read the full story down below! Luke's Laugh for Tuesday… An Air Traffic Controller suddenly lost communication with a small twin engine aircraft. A… Posted by Hokonui Southland on Monday, 22 May 2017 Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Orphaned “Justin Beaver” Can’t Go Live in the Wild, So He...

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Pilot Took Off Without Realizing Who His Passenger Was, Instantly Regrets It

If you’ve ever jumped to conclusions without knowing all the facts, this joke is directly towards you.   When this pilot thought he knew about who his passenger was, he lifted off with no questions asked.   Moments later, after learning the true identity of the passenger, he instantly regret his decision.   Read the joke below:       LOL. I guess there’s a lesson to be learned here: never assume, always ask before reaching a...

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Passengers Are Appalled When Pilot Steps Out Of The Plane At Woman's Request

If this airplane experience happened to me, I would’ve definitely been in the same shoes as everyone else.   It’s unfortunate to say, but the reality is, people jump to conclusions way too easily.   Take this silly story for example involving a blind lady and a pilot: Passengers on the airplane jumped to a conclusion too quickly about the pilot, and the resulting ending was absolutely hilarious. h/t...

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