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Owner Is Shocked When Pit Bull Runs Out To Save Neighbor Who Is Getting Beaten By Her Husband

This story shook everyone’s perception of the bully breed dogs: pit bulls. When Blitz, a pure breed pit bull, from Michigan, realized what was going on across the street, the 100-something pound canine jumped to the scene to help.   Blitz witnessed a man domestically abusing his estranged wife, beating and dragging her across the street. Just as his owner was about to go to bed, the woman screamed, “Help me!” and Blitz ran right to her attacker.   Blitz never bit the attacker but rather scared and distracted him from his wife, so that he would loosen his...

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Adorable Pit Bull Mix Shows Beautiful Smile After Being Rescued

People say you look the best when you’re smiling. I think that applies to animals as well, especially to this little chubby pit bull mix named Meatball.   Meatball or “Meaty” is a dog who has learnt to smile in front of the camera and can’t stop. Your heart will ache when you find out that the reason he is smiling all the time is because he has finally found a loving family that will take care of him.   Since he was rescued at a shelter in Central Valley, CA, this dog can’t stop flashing his memorable smile...

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These Pit Bulls In Photo Booth Break Breed Stereotypes

Pit bulls get a bad rap. How could an animal so cute be so mean?   Well – spoilers – they aren’t. Sometimes, these little fur balls are treated poorly by cruel people who want a tough looking dog. Their superior physique makes them prime victims for illegal dog fights as well. But what happens when you treat them with love and respect?   It’s amazing, really, but it seems that they love and respect you right back. These two well-loved pit bulls, Bumper and Willis, are the biggest softies you’ll ever see.They have become famous across the internet...

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