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Emaciated Mother Pit Bull Asks Rescuers To Help Reunite Her With Her Puppies

After receiving a call from a security guard at the local supermarket, the Villalobos rescue team was informed that there was a wandering mother Pit bull in New Orleans.   When the team ran into the “Mama Dog”, they instantly noticed that she definitely had puppies to take care of or was nursing.   The team was surprised that she walked right up to them as if it was a call for help. When they followed her back to where her puppies supposedly were, things got a bit more complicated for the Villalobos. Watch what happens when the team...

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Pitbull Acts As An Alarm Clock Every Morning At 5 AM

This pitbull’s name is Grey. Grey has a habit where she tries to cutely wake up her owner every morning. Her owner says Grey “has this habit of ‘meowing’ for attention in the morning”, and so one night, he decided to set up a night vision camera to record all the action.   And just like every other time, Grey attempts, three times, to wake up her owner from 5-5:30AM. Unfortunately for Grey, her owner is still exhausted. It’s way too early in the morning, so he has to use Grey’s adorable ‘snooze’ function, and send her back to...

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