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Happy Tails Resort: The Ultimate Doggy Daycare

Tucked away in Norfolk, Virginia and right next to Old Dominion University, there exists one of the most luxurious doggy daycares ever. The impressive facility is 18,000 square feet, and even includes a large indoor pool as well as anything else you could ask for in a pooch pampering facility. The Happy Tails Resort can serve all your dogs grooming and social needs.   If you’re worried about your pet being stuck in a cage, that is simply not a part of their philosophy. The dogs get their own suites that come with custom beds, doors with windows, and...

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What Lies Beneath This Australian Mining Town Will Surprise You

In the middle of the Australian outback, in one of the more inhospitable regions, sits the unassuming mining town of Coober Pedy. Originally founded by a couple white guys who found opal instead of gold, the small town has made a name for itself as the opal capital of the world. On the surface, the town looks a lot like any other mining town you’d come across. However, the searing hot summer temperatures reach above 120 degrees! Needing a solution and being a mining town, the residents decided to build the majority of their town underground. Like modern day...

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10 Breathtaking Hotel Views From Around The World

Now and then everyone looks out a window and wonders what life would be like somewhere else. By no means does this suggest you’re not liking where you are now, but who wouldn’t like to hop over to the other side of the world to wake up to a breathtakingly beautiful view? These are some of the most beautiful rooms for rent across the globe. From Switzerland, to St. Lucia, and the seas of Italy, you can have a truly breathtaking view. You could even buy a morning view of elephants outside your window in South Africa. So get...

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It Looks Like An Old Airplane, But You Should See The Inside. Wow!

Nestled in the treetops is the 727 Fuselage Home, a hotel room made from an old 727 Boeing airplane. Hotel Costa Verde purchased the plane, which used to operate for South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines (Columbia), and using five big rig trucks transported the plane from the San Jose Airport to Quepos, Costa Rica. The room itself contains two air-conditioned bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchenette, and a dining area. The interior walls are covered with stately Costa Rican teak panels, and the sumptuous furniture is made from teak wood imported from Java, Indonesia. The room boasts 360 degree...

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