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Surround Travel Pillow: The Only Travel Pillow with Adjustable Side Support

Available here The Surround Travel Pillow is perfect for the person who’s always traveling! It’s the only travel pillow with adjustable sides. The side supports can be moved forwards or backwards to give you the best, most comfortable sleeping position! The firmness can also be adjusted, giving you as much or as little support as you want! The low profile gives you maximum support without pushing your head forwards in the seat. The front strap lets you clip it to your hand luggage easily and securely! Available Here Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy Surround...

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This Passenger Had the Perfect Response When an Air Traffic Controller Asked Him How He Knew He Was Upside Down

No one knows how they’ll respond in a situation until they’re thrown right into it. This passenger was enjoying his flight when suddenly the pilot could no longer fly the plane. He called air traffic control on the pilot’s phone, and when they asked him questions, he knew exactly how to respond. Read the full story down below! Luke's Laugh for Tuesday… An Air Traffic Controller suddenly lost communication with a small twin engine aircraft. A… Posted by Hokonui Southland on Monday, 22 May 2017 Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Orphaned “Justin Beaver” Can’t Go Live in the Wild, So He...

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Gate Agent Has the Perfect Response When an Upset Passenger Won’t Stop Being Rude

Nobody likes when their flight is cancelled, but it’s not the flight attendant or gate agent’s fault. Unfortunately, some people tend to forget that when they’re upset. When a United Airlines flight was cancelled, one irate passenger stormed to the front of the long line of people and demanded to be put on a flight in first class. The gate agent tried to calm him down, but that was not happening. So she clapped back with a response that left everyone screaming. Read the full story down below! via The Daily Headline Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Orphaned “Justin Beaver”...

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