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Paperpot Transplanter: Turn Hours of Work into Just Minutes

The Paperpot Transplanter is perfect for the gardener in your life! It’s designed to save hours in time and labor in your garden. It can transplant rows of seedlings in minutes instead of hours, freeing up more time for other tasks in your garden. Using the transplanter, a single person can transplant up to 264 seedlings in a fraction of the time! The handle height and furrow depth are adjustable, ensuring you don’t strain your body as you work! You can use it to transplant anything, from lettuce to radishes to herbs! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!...

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Garden Tower 2: Create Your Own Organic Garden with Just 4 Feet of Space

The Garden Tower 2 is designed to hold up to 50 plants in a four foot tall space! The planter can turn your food waste into fertilizer, and then organic food! It imitates a natural ecosystem, letting your plants access nutrients recycled through the composting process. You can even customize the height of the tower with the stackable rings! Perfect for someone who loves gardening, but doesn’t have the space in their own yard. Available Here. Watch the demo below: Where To Buy Garden Tower 2 $372.21 Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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Grow Your Own Watermelon-Cucumber Mashups Right from Your Backyard

If you’re obsessed with cute fruit, you’ll fall in love with this cross between a cucumber and a melon.   This is called the cucamelon—it’s looks like a watermelon, but tastes like cucumber with a little bit of lemon.     Great for growing on a trellis, the cucamelons will grow for 60-70 days after they’re planted.   To plant, sow the seeds outdoors in 12″ diameter hills after the last frost, when the soil is warm. If you want an earlier harvest, you can plant the seeds indoors two to four weeks before the last frost. Cucamelons are...

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