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15 of the Best Photos of President Obama

For 8 years, Pete Souza has been the official White House photographer. Souza has had quite a run – especially considering how photogenic and full of life the President really is. By his estimate, Souza believes that by the end of the President’s tenure, he will have taken easily 2 million photos. That’s a lot of Kodak moments! It’s impossible to sort through them all and rank them definitively, but these 15 certainly stand out among the rest. Give’em a look below and check out the White House official flickr page for more!   1.   2.   3....

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Can This Israeli Hummus Cafe Bring Peace To The Middle East?

For those unaware, Israelis and Palestinians aren’t exactly fond of each other. Especially right now. However there is one hummus cafe in Israel that is trying to ease ethnic, political, religious, and cultural tensions by offering 50% off if Jews and Arabs dine together. The idea comes from Kobi Tzafrir who runs the Humus Bar in the town of Kfar Vitkin. In fact he’s going so far as to offer free refills to Jewish and Palestinian guests dining together, to show that “we’re all human beings”. It’s so heartwarming and inspiring, and we wish him the very best of...

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