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Rescue Worker Saves Trapped Turtle From Drowning

Sea pollution: it’s not just bad for the environment, but also for the animals that live in it. As children, we’re constantly warned about the potential harm that the plastic rings from a 6-pack could do to a dolphin, bird, or other animal. Sometimes, it seems like a bunch of bleeding heart fear-mongering, but as the World Wildlife Foundation illustrated recently, sometimes the threat is all too real. In the video below, a sea turtle is caught in some mesh which, it seems, prevents it from swimming. Thankfully, a trained WWF employee was nearby and was able to cut...

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21-Year-Old Designed A System That Could Clean Our Oceans In 20 Years

Whether or not you believe in climate change and global warming, the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is a thing that exists, we’re to blame for it, and it’s embarrassing. Estimates on its size vary, but most agree that it’s at least the size of Texas. However no one is sure how best to try and clean it up. Enter Boyan Slat, a 21-year-old Dutch inventor and entrepreneur. While he was diving in Greece when he was sixteen, he noticed that he came across more plastic bags than fish. That realization stuck with him and he decided to try and...

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