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Waiter Has A Rough Day At His Job, Family Pays Off His Car

It was just a regular night with the Green family eating at a local restaurant. Usually, you tip someone for the exceptional service you’ve received for your nice dinner, but this time, it was different.   The Green family noticed that the young man who was serving their table seemed to be having a tough day on the job. And to compensate for the service they’ve received and out of the goodness of their heart, they tipped the young man 20% of the bill and $100 on top of that.   The young man began to tear up and...

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Family Leaves Waiter $500 Tip for His Amazing Act of Kindness

Being kind takes so little time and energy, but the impact it leaves can last a lifetime. Nobody knows this better than Kasey Simmons, a waiter at an Applebee’s in Texas.   Kasey was shopping at his local grocery store when he noticed an older woman who looked upset. He comforted her and even paid for her groceries, making her smile on what was clearly a tough day.   The next day, a woman came into his restaurant and ordered the cheapest item on the menu—and left Kasey a $500 tip. He couldn’t believe it, until he read the...

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Get Rid of Hornets With Just One Paper Bag!

Bumble bees are harmless. Wasps and Hornets? Less so. Nothing puts a damper on a gorgeous summer day quite like a wasp. At best, they hover around you and try to get at the sweetness in your drinking glass. At worst, they lose their temper and sting you until they get bored or you die – whichever comes first. Luckily, there may be a surprisingly easy way to deter the little murder flies. In addition to having the patience and the fury of a hyperactive toddler, wasps are notoriously territorial. The video below shows you how to construct a...

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