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Doctor Shows Us How To Remove A Ring Without Cutting It Off

Now and then it can be very hard to take a ring off your finger. While sometimes this is ideal in the case of avoiding the ordeal of a lost wedding ring, it can become a dangerous affair for your health, and is quite painful in the process. Just ask anyone who has experienced this. In most cases of swollen fingers and finger-related injuries, rings have to be cut off. This can be almost traumatizing if the ring is a wedding ring or family heirloom of sorts. Here to save the day however, is Dr. Simon Carley of Manchester,...

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How To Tie A Tie In Ten Seconds Flat

It’s safe to say that many of us out there in the world don’t just struggle with ties, but actively hate them. Whether it’s for a formal affair or for a desk job that requires impeccable job fashion, there are many who experience nothing but frustration when dealing with this sometimes obnoxious piece of neck fabric. However, the fine folks of Handimania have come across a relatively fuss-free way to tie a tie in less time than it takes to put on a pair of shoes. So if ties have always been a bit of a struggle, or if...

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