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Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Dog Hair from Your Car

We love our dogs, but we don’t love the hair they leave all over the place—especially the car.   No matter how much you vacuum your car, there will still be remnants of your furry friend’s coat left behind.   But now, you aren’t resigned to just having dog hair everywhere—all you need are your rubber kitchen gloves and a vacuum to get rid of the dog hair for good!   Simply gather the hair into a pile with the rubber glove and vacuum the pile away—that’s it!   It might seem to simple to be true, but the...

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Mom Shares Terrifying Experience of A Child Who Swallowed A Grape

Angela Henderson is a blogger that combines motherhood with her experience in mental health. She recently posted a photo that went viral because it could save a child’s life. She showed an X-Ray of a child who had been taken to the ER because he choked on a grape. Thankfully, the child was okay. WebMD says that choking is a leading cause of accidental death for young children. You should always cut up food in small pieces for kids under 5. Supervise them when they eat and learn CPR in case of emergency. Children under 5 should not eat...

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Young Boy Contracted Serious Infection After Metal BBQ Brush Bristle Was Lodged in His Throat

It’s almost summer time, and when that warm weather rolls around, most of us are ready to take off the grill cover and start cooking outside.   Before anyone uses their grill, they have to clean it—and the tool of choice is a barbecue brush with stainless steel bristles.   But few people know about how dangerous these brushes can be for your health.   Anthony Fiore and his family were making burgers on their grill, but before they started cooking the meat, Anthony’s mother Nadia used a stainless steel brush to clean off the grill.   But when...

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All You Need Is a Fan, a Net, and Rubbing Alcohol to Get Rid of Mosquitos for Good

As we roll into the warmer months, our dear friend the mosquito starts to come out and play.   There are so many tools and tricks out there to stop these pests from taking over our lives, from citronella candles to heavy-duty pesticides.   But some of these treatments can be hard to do or too harsh on the environment. Surely there has to be a happy medium, right?   Dan Rojas from Green Power Science has found the perfect solution that kills thousands of mosquitos without harsh chemicals.   All you need are a high velocity fan, fine...

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The Blue Line in The Middle of the Yellow Signals Help Isn’t Far Away

To pass your driving test and receive your license, you have to memorize the rules of the road. Most come naturally, but this one may not.   Rick Meehan is the mayor of Ocean City, Maryland and his town was recently named to have one of the best beaches in the U.S.   With the influx of tourists, he’s committed to keeping everyone safe.   The mayor wanted to honour and recognize the efforts of their police department in a big way. But all he needed was paint. via Mayor Rick Meehan A little blue line has been painted...

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