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Snoofybee Portable Changing Pad: Keep Those Curious Little Hands Out

Available here Perfect for the restless baby, this changing pad will keep your baby’s hand clean while your change them. The 3-in-1 SnoofyBee portable changing pad introduces a diaper clutch, changing station, and a diaper-time play mat that keeps the baby’s hands away so you can work with ease. The sides of the play mat fold up and can be looped to allow you to attach toys to keep those curious little hands happy during changing time. Water-resistant, the changing pad is fitted with a 1/4″ thick foam pillow that ensures the baby is comfortable while lying down. It...

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The Decco Monitor Will Keep Tabs On Your Active Toddler

The Decco is an adorable new baby monitor for older toddlers. It’s the cutest thing, so your kids will love it, while it also keeps them safe around the house. The monitor connects to your smartphone and when it senses your kid moving around it will alert you if they escape their rooms. All you have to do is hang it on their doorknob and it will watch them, especially if the door opens. It’s water resistant, BPA free and easy to use. You can control from up to 3 cellphones at once and can take it with you...

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Super-Smart Toddler Gives Steve Harvey an Unforgettable Anatomy Lesson

If you loved Brielle’s lesson on the periodic table, you’ll get a kick out of her latest appearance!   The four year old recently made an appearance on the NBC show “Little Big Shots,” and I don’t think the audience realized what was coming when she started to teach Steve Harvey about the human body.   Steve asks her all kinds of questions about the different body parts, but when he gets to the pelvis area, he can’t stop laughing—and neither can the crowd!   If only my science classes in school were this funny! Watch the hilarious lesson...

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