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Zero Breeze – The Coolest Portable Air Conditioner You Can Take Anywhere

Available here If you get hot no matter where you are, the Zero Breeze portable air conditioner is perfect for you! It’s designed to be the most functional and cool air conditioner that travels with you. It’s not just a portable air conditioner—it’s also a Bluetooth speaker, nightlight, and smartphone charging station! It can cool a 50 square foot room to 44 degrees Fahrenheit quickly, making it perfect for home, office, or RV use. The secret is the rotary compressor, making Zero Breeze efficient and portable. Plug it in if you’re at home or at the office, or use...

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Pocket Tripod – Phone Stand That Folds Up to Fit in Your Wallet

If you need a tripod you can set up in seconds, the Pocket Tripod is perfect for you! It’s designed to be a fully functional tripod that you can use anywhere, anytime. It has a rigid structure for level stability, and the rubberized grip holds your Apple or Android smartphone! It’s compatible with cases and screen protectors—no need to take off your protection to use it. It tightly grips and secures your device, ensuring it doesn’t go anywhere. The angle indicator helps you set it to an ideal angle, and the two bottom halves give you a reliable, sturdy...

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Bagrider: Turn Your Carry-On Luggage into a Travelling Seat for Toddlers

Available here When it comes to family travelling, it can be difficult to organize with all the luggage and kids. You’re busy running around the airport with your hands full, and with your tired children nagging you to push them on their strollers that are packed away. That’s why the Bagrider was invented – it’s a simple solution for parents travelling with tired toddlers. It combines a carry-on luggage with a stroller. The Bagrider has two sets of wheels for maximum maneuverability, whether you need it to be a normal carry-on suitcase with two wheels or a full-on travel...

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Cattini Mammut Lifting Bags: Lift Up to 100 Tons Using an Inflatable Bag

The Cattlini Mammut Lifting Bags are a series of inflatable bags that are used for lifting even the heaviest of loads. Using maximum force that is exerted in a concentrated area, the lifting bags are useful for unique situations when moving and transporting heavy structures. Measuring only 15 x 15 x 2.5 cm in size, the lifting bags are small, compact and most importantly: portable, making it perfect for when you need a quick solution to lifting a heavy vehicle. The max lifting height of the Cattini lifting bags can range from anywhere between 8-17cm, depending on the model....

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