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Bristly: The Effective and Safe Dog Toothbrush

If you want your dog to have better oral hygiene, the Bristly dog toothbrush is perfect for you! It’s designed to be a safe and effective toothbrush for your furry friend. Oral disease is the leading medical problem with dogs, and four out of five dogs show symptoms of peridontal disease by the age of three. Plaque can build up on your dog’s teeth within 24 hours—Bristly can prevent dental problems with your dog! It’s made of natural rubber with a meat flavor, and it’s gentle while still being durable enough to withstand your dog’s biting and chewing! Bristly’s...

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WingBrush: The Revolutionary Way to Clean Between Your Teeth

If you have a hard time getting that last bit of steak or popcorn out from your teeth, the WingBrush is for you! It’s designed to effectively and safely clean in between your teeth for a healthier smile. The innovative handle makes it easy to hold, and the patented feeler doesn’t hurt your teeth or gums! To use, simply place the WingBrush where you need to clean and press the handle, letting the brush slide through your interdental space. You can use the brush in any interdental space: between teeth, around implants, under braces, and around crowns! It’s easy...

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Tooletries Toothbrush and Razor Holder: Keep Your Shower and Bathroom Organized

Click here to Buy The Tooletries toothbrush and razor holder is perfect for the person who needs to be more organized in the mornings! It’s designed to hold all your bathroom and shower essentials in one place. It’s made of antibacterial silicone, ensuring it will never rust or grow mold. With the silicone compound, it sticks instantly onto any shiny, smooth surface—mirrors, glass, and tiles included! The custom drainage system lets water drain and dry away, reducing bacteria. You can even add a mirror on top for added convenience in the shower! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!...

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Amabrush: World’s First Completely Automatic Toothbrush

The Amabrush is designed to be a fully automatic toothbrush that brushes all of your teeth in just 10 seconds! Simply press the capsule button, wait 10 seconds, then spit and rinse—that’s it! Connect your Amabrush with the corresponding smartphone app to control the vibration mode, cleaning time, and even reorder replacement parts! Each capsule has a month-long battery life, and charges wirelessly! Plus, you only have to replace the mouthpiece every three to six months. Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy Amabrush $149+ Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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