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Slow Motion Fire Tornado Is A Thing Of Beauty

Slow motion cameras are one of the greatest gifts to the world. They can reveal so much beauty and interesting science in incredible and wonderful detail. The Slow Mo Guys are a dynamic duo that have captured this unlike almost any other team out there on the net. They know what they’re doing. Talking about natural disasters, they come up with the shocking and slightly worrying idea to combine a tornado with a wild fire. While this would be frowned upon by normal society, it’s being done in the name of science. Combining the two elements, they recreate the...

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Fire Tornado Erupts From Massive Bourbon Spill After Lightning Strikes Warehouse

It’s probably safe to assume that many people know all too well the feeling of a ‘rough day’ after having had too much Jim Beam the night before. But what if Jim Beam was the one having a rough day? Here is that very feeling taken to the very next level. After a lightning strike during a storm in Kentucky hit a Jim Beam distillery, we see the emergence of what the reporter rightfully calls a ‘firenado’. Cresting across the lake and up in air, the visuals are stunning if a little scary. One can’t help but marvel at...

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