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Cabinet Bed: Bed Turns into a Cabinet to Save Space

Click here to contact the company The Cabinet Bed is a comfortable sleep solution that lets you enjoy space while having an extra bedroom for whenever you need it. The Cabinet Bed sets up in 30 seconds and takes up less than 1/3 of the space of a regular bed. To transform the Cabinet into a bed, first simply pull out the drawer from below. Then lift the flap and begin unfolding the folded mechanism. And there you go! The bed is revealed and set up for you just like that. You can reverse it to turn it back...

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Dad Reconstructs Garage So That His Mother-In-Law Can Live There

A recent father named Martin Brown wanted to accommodate his mother-in-law’s wishes of living nearby. To do this, he decided to move her into his garage.   Not just any regular garage though, that would be terrible. This particular garage is actually completely transformed and refurnished to become a small guesthouse or cottage.   Brown spent 6 months to reconstruct his garage into this lovely little home close to his and it’s absolutely beautiful. Equipped with skylights, creative stairs and a little kitchen to accompany the living space, the “garage” looked like a house inside and out. He even...

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