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Drug Addict's 4 Year Transformation Is Absolutely Inspiring

Sometimes in life, you run into the worst of problems. You may be struggling and find yourself on a terrible path you would’ve never thought you would’ve been on.   That’s what happened to Dejah Hall. 4 years ago, she was a heroin and meth full blown addict. With life getting progressively worse each and every day, she got arrested.   But while that isn’t the greatest of news, what resulted from it was nothing short of great. Dejah decided to turn her life around.   Now she’s completing her BA and hopes to one day become a prison...

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She's 16 And Getting Her First Real Haircut. The Reason Is Inspiring.

Sixteen-year-old Roxy of Stafford, Virginia is about to have her first real haircut in life. So why would she want to cut off the majority of her hair that reaches down to her ankles? She’s doing this for a good cause. She has decided to donate her hair so it can be repurposed as a real hair wig for cancer survivors. She also says it’s about growing up since she’s heading off to college soon. But while she’s still a teenager, popular teen magazine Seventeen decided to turn her into a bit of a feature since she had the...

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