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One Of The Best David Bowie Tributes You Will Ever See

Normally, we’re all about the feel-good stories, adorable and funny animals, and the warm fuzzies here at Unwindly. However it is with a heavy heart that we have learned of the passing of one of rock and roll’s greatest legends. David Bowie was 69 when he passed away. David Bowie was an Englishman who rose to fame in the 70’s and has been a musical force ever since. He has made several hit songs over the decades, and one of the most famous was ‘Space Oddity’. You’ve probably heard it before. Well, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was in space...

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Josh Daniel Brings The X Factor Judges To Tears With This Emotional Tribute

Sometimes (but not often), reality TV shows live up to their name. One certainly has to have “the x factor” in order to get an audience reaction like this. Simon ‘I-wear-a-t-shirt-three-sizes-too-small’ Cowell has made a career out of being lean and mean to an array of young artists who aspire to reach the big time. To be fair to Mr. Cowell, much of his act is in good fun though it can at times risk taking away from the real honesty and beauty so many artists can come to showcase before an audience. Fortunately, no such circumstance occurs here....

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