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This Pitbull Is Best Friends with These Baby Chicks and Baby Turkey

People tend to be scared of pitbulls as a whole entire city in Canada wants to ban them! But after you watch this video, you’ll see pitbulls are the sweetest breed there is.   Pitbulls are a breed that loves making and playing with friends, so it’s no surprise that this sweet dog named Jules wanted to hang out with her owner’s baby chickens and baby turkey. The owner lets Jules into the coup and she greets all the chicks like they’re her best friends. But she spots the baby turkey and instantly goes to it, pressing her snout...

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Turkish Artists Can Transform Your Child's Drawing Into Jewelry

After finding out about this, we suspect that some of you will have a lot less of your children’s art on your fridge, but for a good reason. The reason is that you’ll be wearing a copy of it around your neck or around your wrist. Maybe even on your hand, or on your ears, or as cuff links. You will have a permanent, beautiful, and classy reminder of your child’s love for you wherever you go. TasarimTakarim is a small company started by two parents in Istanbul, Turkey. Inspired by their own children, they can create custom jewelry...

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Mailman Is Ambushed By A Gang Of Turkeys Every Day. How He Deals With It Is Hilarious.

Every job has its ups and downs. Maybe you have a great job, but the commute is incredibly long. Maybe it’s a short commute, but there’s a coworker or two you simply can’t stand. Maybe you get free food, but the customers are often angry or crazy. Or, maybe you’re a mailman who gets lots of exercise and benefits, but has to face a roving gang of violent turkeys every day. If that last one feels a little specific, that’s because this poor Falmouth mailman has to deal with that every. Single. Day. We’re hoping the postal service is...

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Easy Way To Get Juicy Whole Roasted Turkey For The Holidays

Thanksgiving is about some of the earliest American history, but it’s also about something even more important… Roast Turkey. All joking aside, properly cooking a turkey is no laughing matter. It’s a large bird that has very little fat on it, and dry turkey meat puts a damper on the occasion. Here to help is the wonderfully named “Divas Can Cook.” What sets this apart from most turkey recipes is the use of a brine. This helps to save time flipping and turning the bird over but still getting a tasty and evenly cooked turkey. The turkey turns out...

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