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Kayakers Spot a Drowning Turtle, Arrive Just in Time to Save It

Ah, nothing like the beach and the several pounds of trash floating around the area. Ocean pollution is getting worse around the world. Plastic “beaches” have been discovered in some areas, fish are increasingly filled with micro-plastic particles, and there is a garbage patch in the Pacific bigger than Texas. Things are bad out there in the water. As a result, numerous animals are dying from plastic ingestion or being rendered helpless after becoming entangled in trash in the ocean. This is especially common for sea turtles and dolphins. Thankfully for this sea turtle off the coast of Gran...

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Rescue Worker Saves Trapped Turtle From Drowning

Sea pollution: it’s not just bad for the environment, but also for the animals that live in it. As children, we’re constantly warned about the potential harm that the plastic rings from a 6-pack could do to a dolphin, bird, or other animal. Sometimes, it seems like a bunch of bleeding heart fear-mongering, but as the World Wildlife Foundation illustrated recently, sometimes the threat is all too real. In the video below, a sea turtle is caught in some mesh which, it seems, prevents it from swimming. Thankfully, a trained WWF employee was nearby and was able to cut...

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Father Rescues a Trapped Baby Turtle From a Storm Drain

Children are particularly good at noticing things that others don’t. Their inherent sense of whimsy and adventure predisposes them to finding and discovering. These two adventurous tykes showed off their finding skills in spades recently when they discovered a lost turtle that had gotten itself stuck in a storm drain. Through the thin slits in the storm drain lid, they were able to see the baby reptile waddling around. With the help of their father, the kids were able to fish it out and point it homeward. Good work, kids! Check out the rescue...

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Taco The Tortoise Comes Like A Dog When Called

For starters, that is an amazing name for a tortoise. He’s probably not as delicious as a taco, and his shell is way tougher than even the most stale of Taco Bell shells. Second of all, how impressive is it that a tortoise will answer when called? He’s like a really slow, hard, and not furry dog. He’s also tiny and easily fits in the palm of your hand! This awesome tortoise is a compact bundle of cute. It’s probably safe to say that many of us would be more than comfortable having him around in our garden, even...

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Jacksonville Officers Save Leatherback Turtle From A Crab Trap

Ah, Florida. If it’s not Disney World or Universal Orlando, it’s the sun and the sand that draws people to the Sunshine State. Being surrounded on three sides by water, there are all kinds of seadoos, yachts, sailboats, cruise ships, and fishing boats hitting the water. Unfortunately for the local wild life, this can lead to some problems. It is far too common for marine animals such as turtles and dolphins to become entangled in the nets of fishing boats all around the world, and America is no exception. Thankfully, some officers from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office came across...

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