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Dad Has the Perfect Solution for Son Who Won’t Brush His Teeth

Kids are notoriously bad at brushing their teeth, but this dad has the best solution for making his son keep his teeth clean! Henry Warren’s son has a hard time remembering to brush his teeth morning and night—but luckily for his father, he loves receiving money from the tooth fairy. So Henry posted on his Twitter account the letter the “tooth fairy” sent to his son after he lost his most recent tooth. Read the hilarious letter down below! Our son is dreadful at brushing his teeth. Turns out the Tooth Fairy has had enough pic.twitter.com/4WWmBvuo22 — Henry Warren...

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People Are Sharing Their Best Work Clapbacks, and They’re Perfect

Sometimes, you get to work with great people at your job. Other times, you get people who probably should have stayed in school just a little bit longer. Twitter user Danielle Rene recently posted a tweet asking her followers what their best work clapback was—a passive aggressive way of letting the other person know they should maybe try a little harder to do their job right. Read some of the funniest responses down below! What is your favorite phrase to use in a professional clap back? Mine is "per my last email…" — Millionaire la flare (@DeeRene_) August 21,...

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