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12-Year Old Ukulele Player Gets the Golden Buzzer When She Takes a Risk and Performs an Original Tune

If you aren’t familiar with “America’s Got Talent”, then you probably don”t know about the golden buzzer. The golden buzzer is a recent addition to the series, wherein once per audition cycle, a judge gets to automatically send a contestant on to the next round. If a judge hits the golden buzzer, the contestant will move on regardless of how the other judges vote.   Needless to say, it’s a very special moment when a contestant gets the golden buzzer. It’s even more special when it happens for a child.   Grace VanderWaal is a 12-year old from Suffern,...

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Two Hawaiian Girls Shred Ukuleles Like No Other

Some stories were meant to be told, and some friendships destined to happen. This is clearly the case for teenagers Honoka Katayama and Azita Ganjali of Honolulu, Hawaii. The dynamic duo first met at a ukulele studio and quickly garnered exceptional credentials. They also performed very well in ukulele competitions across the Hawaiian Islands. They didn’t become an official act until 2012, but since then have dominated the ukulele scene. Just a year after their formation, they took home 1st place in the 2013 International Ukulele Contest. If that weren’t enough, they were also awarded the prestigious title of...

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12 Year Old From Thailand Wows The Judges With Her Ukulele Playing

The ‘Got Talent’ series has gone global, and the world has never such talented individuals from around the world in such plentiful quantity. Appearing on Asia’s Got Talent, this twelve year old girl from Thailand named Sydney has opted not to sing, but to play the ukulele. While the four judges (and even the audience) are a little shocked that she’s not going to be singing, she almost immediately wins them over with some absolutely stellar finger-style ukulele playing. Dressed like Michael Jackson and only having practised for two years, this girl is sure to be a rock star...

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