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Lifestyle Screen Door: Instantly Transform Your Garage into Outdoor Space

Perfect for those who want to stay outdoors but still feel comfortable inside their homes, this screen door transforms any garage into a cool, bright, pest-free space. Lifestyle Screens are the company that makes the easy to use garage door screen that is fully retractable and works with your existing garage door. After installation, by simply pulling down on the straps and walking forward, the screen door will pull down by itself. By rolling down the tracks along the sides, the screen will gently slide down until it touches the floor and locks in place. By closing the passage...

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Leveraxe: Split Logs on the First Hit

Available here Perfect for the log splitting guru, this axe will help split logs easier and faster due to its innovative sleek design. The Leveraxe is a revolutionary axe that boasts safety and efficiency thanks to the design that requires less force than with traditional equipment to split wood. When the axe head hits the wood, the head bends and the velocity stops thus, the axe will not hit you. The blade is also blunt, which does not require any sharpening and relies on its special transfer of force to split the log. The secret lies in the new...

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Veteran Finds Flag in Crumpled Mess, Listen to What He Does Next

Our flag is something that brings us great pride. We’re all a little touched when we see the good ol’ red, white and blue. But how does it feel when you see someone disrespecting the flag? Nolan Ruby knows how it feels.   When delivering Coke for his job, he found the flag sitting like this:   via Nolan Ruby Listen to what he did, in his own words. via Nolan Ruby...

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Courtroom Dresses Up As Disney Characters For 5 Year-Old

Going through the adoption process, I assume, is a very nerve-wracking and trying time for a little child.   The folks at Samaritas felt the same and chose to do something nice for little Danielle. Danielle is a huge Disney fan. Her adoption hearing was scheduled for June 8th, so her case worker asked a coworker to surprise her by dressing up as Cinderella. But word spread around the office fast. In total, eight employees dressed up for Danielle’s big day. The judge even got in on the fun (underneath her robes, of course). Check out the incredible gesture...

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Strangers Join Forces To Save A Man Who Fell on Subway Tracks

Subway platforms are extremely dangerous. Crossing the yellow line is never advised. You could either get electrocuted on the middle rail or, worse, be hit by an oncoming train. “Mind The Gap”, as they say in London.   So what do you do when a complete stranger faints and collapses on the train track?   Well, if you were one of the people at the City Hall subway station in New York on June 10th, you jump right in. A man who had been leaning against a pillar collapsed onto the subway track. With the next train only two...

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