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Married Veteran Couple Sleeps in the Cold Every Night, Then Fourth-Graders Give Them a New House

Most of us go through rough patches in our lives, but we usually don’t get help from fourth-graders to reach the other side.   Navy veteran Eddie Browning and his wife Cindy were living in a practically unlivable camper—it had been damaged by fire and they were sleeping in the freezing cold every night.   Little did they know that a fourth grade project would have the solution to their problems.   Students at Elm Street Elementary in Rome, Georgia had built a tiny house for the Georgia Tiny House Festival and gave it to them at the end...

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Restaurant Reserves Empty Booth In Memory Of Five Slain Police Officers

Going to a restaurant to eat is a great way to spend time with your love ones. You get the chance to sit down and connect with one another over some delicious food. Typically, when you go to a restaurant, you’ll get the option to choose a booth or a table to sit at.   However, on this particular night, restaurant Texas Roadhouse decided to make one specific booth unavailable to families to sit at. When a family spotted the empty booth, they were curious as to why the booth was reserved. Then, they came to take a closer...

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Community Project Makes Tiny House Village for Veterans in Need

When some people think about housing the less fortunate, they think of giving people large, full-size houses for free. While it would be great to be able to do that, finding sustainable, long-term housing for the less fortunate does not have to take up a lot of space – it just needs to be cozy and provide a safe space for them to go at night.   Well, the Veterans Community Project agrees, which is why they put resources behind a clever project to house veterans in need.   Amazingly, they were able to change a single empty lot...

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PTSD-Afflicted Veterans Are Healing With The Help Of Rescued Wolves

Ringo Starr once famously sang “I get by with a little help from my friends” and sometimes, those friends can come from the strangest and most unusual places. Some of these friends come in the form of therapy animals, which are an invaluable tool in the mental health field. And while most are dogs or cats, an organization in Lockwood Valley, California is using wolves. Helping the matter is the fact that these wolves were rescued themselves. The Warriors and Wolves brings together veterans struggling with PTSD and wolves that were rescued from roadside attractions and illegal breeders. The...

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Say Thank You to Veterans with the Greenlight A Vet Campaign

Greenlight A Vet is a social movement intended to spark appreciation for veterans with a simple symbol. By installing one green light in a visible area of your home or office, you can join the campaign to show unified support for returning veterans like Lourde.   Lourde decided to join the Army when she was 17 and was sent to Iraq in Mosul in 2004. She returned from Iraq about seven years ago, but she says it still feels like yesterday. Since coming home, she has never been the same. Lourde was diagnosed with PTSD. This misunderstood disorder can feel isolating, as only...

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