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Virginia Tech's Basketball Team Honored Veteran's Day In A Classy Way

While there are many in this country who aren’t exactly fans of professional sports, it’s still safe to say that the nation as a whole is sports crazy. From football, to baseball, to basketball, to hockey, and even sports like golf, there is a huge crowd of hungry spectators and fans. It’s a part of our culture. So many professional athletes are thankful for the opportunities they have and the ability to do what they love for a living. But the men’s basketball team at Virginia Tech is taking being thankful a step further, with the coach making a...

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Reuniting a War Veteran with His Beloved Dogs

Tia and Mariah win the angels of the year award. They volunteered to help reunite a war veteran with his two dogs. He had to leave them in Louisiana when he moved to California, and the two dogs haven’t seen their dad in over two month. This is the heartwarming moment they meet...

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