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Homeless Kids Get a Big Surprise on University Move-In Day

It’s hard enough adapting to first year university. It’s hard to imagine how much harder it would be to do that alone without any family to support you.   The Renaissance Scholars are a campus group that aims to help students moving into university from foster care or from non-permanent living situations adapt to their new homes. For some, their dorm room is the first place they get to call home. With that in mind, the good folks at Kleenex partnered with the Renaissance Scholars to make move-in day an unforgettable experience for a very special group of freshman....

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Adorable Lion Loves His Blanket

Lions: the overgrown house cat of the Savannah –   – or, at least that’s how one family viewed them.   Lambert the lion was adopted as a small cub after one family with too much money decided it would be a good idea to get their children a wild pet – an idea hey got after seeing The Lion King. After a few months, the children didn’t want him anymore and he was given away to the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center.   In-Sync Exotic Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center When he arrived, Lambert had to...

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Drum Corps Blows Audience Away in Scotland

Switzerland is notable for a few things: chocolate, alps, Ricola, neutrality, and, apparently, drums. In fact, Basel, Switzerland’s Top Secret Drum Corps is so impressive at the drumming part, you won’t even care that they suck at being top secret (seriously, it’s written across their drums).   They’re a big hit in Basel, a city that has a very active drumming community. In fact, they’re so talented, they had the honor to be the first non-military drum corps to perform at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Festival. Unless Drumline and Drumline: A New Beat are your favorite movies, you...

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11 Parenting Lessons You Can Learn from Animals

We train our pets to act the way we want them to, but sometimes, animals have a thing or two that they can teach us. Particularly, there’s a lot we can learn about parenting from our furry friends. Just like us, each animal has its own set of parental instincts that they act on. Maybe we could stand to learn from these examples.   ?1. Having multiple kids can be a real handful Reddit/noreasonboner  ? 2. Sharing space with children is hard imgur/jamaalSpeights Facebook/Cat Kedi Kitten Gato Chat  ? ?3. You’ll never get as much sleep as you hope...

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Adorable Puppy Tries To 'Eat' The Car's Air Conditioning

At the time of this writing, it’s in the midst of a heat wave. Temperatures hovering in the 90s and 100s are common in many parts of the country. A friend of mine even told me it was 118 scorching degrees at his home in Phoenix, Arizona. In other words, it’s the oppressive and disgustingly muggy weather that comes with all the glory of summer.   Naturally, air conditioning is a great asset for those that have it, and it’s now a basic necessity in cars everywhere. But not everyone knows about it. Like babies, puppies need to come...

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