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Mom of 4 Builds a House from Scratch After Leaving Domestic Violence Situation

With limited funds and a domestic violence situation, the Brooklin family was forced into a traumatic scenario with no home to go to.   That’s when the mother, Cara Brookins, decided to step up and had an idea to give her and her children, the fresh start they needed.   “We had been just so emotionally kicked down,” said Brookins. She came up with the idea to build their own home. “We could afford all the supplies so we just put it together ourselves.”   With no prior knowledge of building a house from scratch, the Brookins family went...

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Men Are Painting Their Fingernails For This Surprising Reason

Fads are something people love getting involved with. Whether it be a new dance or a new social media “challenge”, people are likely to jump aboard and participate. Lately, the newest fad is that men are being spotted with a sole painted fingernail.   When men paint their fingernail, they become a Polished Man and will post their nail on social media.   But, this isn’t your typical new social media “challenge” type of trend, the Polished Man is actually an awareness campaign to stand up for physical and sexual violence amongst children. The campaign was started by the...

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Owner Is Shocked When Pit Bull Runs Out To Save Neighbor Who Is Getting Beaten By Her Husband

This story shook everyone’s perception of the bully breed dogs: pit bulls. When Blitz, a pure breed pit bull, from Michigan, realized what was going on across the street, the 100-something pound canine jumped to the scene to help.   Blitz witnessed a man domestically abusing his estranged wife, beating and dragging her across the street. Just as his owner was about to go to bed, the woman screamed, “Help me!” and Blitz ran right to her attacker.   Blitz never bit the attacker but rather scared and distracted him from his wife, so that he would loosen his...

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Three-Year Old Girl Practices Lockdown at Home – It's Heartbreaking!

For some parents, it’s hard to see their children grow up too fast. Usually, growing up too fast means they start acting older than they are. Sometimes, however, children are forced into situations where they have no choice but to act beyond their years. One mother from Texas didn’t realize how much her child was forced to mature ahead of her time – until she walked in on her child “practicing”. What was she practicing for? A lockdown drill. Her three-year old child felt compelled to practice at home for the event of a lockdown drill at school. With...

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