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Hardwall Takker: Drill Through Any Wall Without Cracking It

Have you ever had problems drilling and nailing hooks to walls? Don’t want to crack the wall but desperately need to hang something up? The Hardwall Takker has the solution for you! It’s a small device that can be used to easily drill through any wall without cracking your walls.

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Milano Smart Living: Transforming Furniture That Fits in Your Space

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, but want to still have full-sized, functional furniture, the Milano Smart Living furniture is perfect for you! It’s designed to be stylish, compact, and functional. The Up Ceiling Bed fits perfectly into your ceiling! To move it up or down, simply push a button to raise it, fold in the legs, and push the button to finish raising it. It blends into your ceiling seamlessly—no one will know there’s a bed above them. The sofa beds are the ultimate multi-functional pieces of furniture! They come in different models...

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Artis Stone Wall: Update Your Home with Quick and Easy Stone

Do you want to update your home without spending days at a time on a project? The Artis Stone Wall panels are perfect for you! They’re designed to let you redecorate your home without any permanent damage. Made from reclaimed scrap metal, it resembles real stone, but installation doesn’t involve any long or complicated processes—it can be as short as 30 minutes! Need to cut the stone wall panels? No problem! If you have a miter box and saw, the job is easy. They’re easily removable and damage-free, making the panels perfect for renters! The material is similar to...

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Artis Wall Reclaimed Wood Panels: Spice Up the Look of Any Wall

Perfect for those who want to add color to their homes without the hassle of ruining the walls, these wood planks stick to the walls to give any space a unique look. Art Is Wall is the company behind these pieces of wood that requires only basic installation skills to install. Without the need to drill holes or permanently change the wall, the reclaimed wood adheres to the wall with a simple strip of A.I.M that has adhesives on both sides. Once stripes are stuck to the wall, planks of the wood can be easily pressed on the wall...

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