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Pocket Tripod – Phone Stand That Folds Up to Fit in Your Wallet

If you need a tripod you can set up in seconds, the Pocket Tripod is perfect for you! It’s designed to be a fully functional tripod that you can use anywhere, anytime. It has a rigid structure for level stability, and the rubberized grip holds your Apple or Android smartphone! It’s compatible with cases and screen protectors—no need to take off your protection to use it. It tightly grips and secures your device, ensuring it doesn’t go anywhere. The angle indicator helps you set it to an ideal angle, and the two bottom halves give you a reliable, sturdy...

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Lever Gear CLiP System: Carry Your Small Essentials Without Extra Bulk

Do you have a lot of small things you want to carry around, but don’t want to lug around a bulky bag everywhere you go? The Lever Gear CLiP System tools are perfect for you! They’re designed to carry whatever small things you need without adding any extra bulk. The tool line consists of the BitVault and the BitLight. Both tools can hold hex bits and transform into screwdrivers, and they can hang off your keychain! The BitLight also has a rechargeable LED light that you can use whenever you need it. It can quickly clip on and off...

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Dash: The Time-Saving, Minimalist Wallet

Click here to Buy The Dash wallet is perfect for the person who can never keep their wallet organized! It’s designed to be a minimalist, time-saving wallet solution. It’s made of durable thin leather and flexible elastic, yet it only weighs under an ounce! The three compartment system keeps your cards and cash organized, and allows faster front-pocket access. It has two quick-draw card compartments and one cash slot—it can hold eight cards comfortably! The wallet takes one to two weeks to mold to your cards, ensuring you have a perfect fit. Available Here. Watch the demo down below!...

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Girl Calls Her Dad Crying When She Loses Her Wallet, Then a Boy Shows Up at Her Door

Whenever you lose your wallet, you feel like you’re losing your entire life—all your ID and money is in there, after all. So when you think someone else has it, it can be devastating. Stephanie Robertson-King’s daughter ran into this same situation recently. Her family thought it was gone forever. Then, a young man showed up at their door. Read the full story down below. Yesterday Baby Gurl calls dad crying – she left her wallet on the bus😳 We're all upset and she naively asks if she'll… Posted by Stephanie Robertson-King on Thursday, 27 July 2017 Comments Facebook Twitter...

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