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Wealthy Art Collector Loses His Son in Battle, Decides to Auction His Art Collection but with a Twist

Paintings and artwork can be worth millions if you present it in front of the right audience. But, what is the true value of a painting? The true value is the meaning that is attached behind it – the emotions. If a painting has more meaning to one person than another, then that painting is priceless. Read this touching story of a soldier’s portrait and how it was priceless to this man: Wow what a touching story between a father and a son. If you liked the story, be sure to share it with your friends/family. h/t Hrtwarming Comments...

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If You Find Coins Laying on Military Tombstones, Here’s Why They Are There

via Facebook – USA Military Moms and Angels Every Memorial Day, many war veterans and active servicemen and women gather around to commemorate those who have sacrificed their lives for the well-being of everyone else. Many head to cemeteries around the country to visit the graves of fellow servicemen and women. If you take a walk through a cemetery during one of the days following Memorial Day, you may notice that some tombstones have coins laying on them. It’s important that you not touch these coins as they are there for a very special reason. via Facebook – Dave...

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