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Mom Shares Terrifying Experience of A Child Who Swallowed A Grape

Angela Henderson is a blogger that combines motherhood with her experience in mental health. She recently posted a photo that went viral because it could save a child’s life. She showed an X-Ray of a child who had been taken to the ER because he choked on a grape. Thankfully, the child was okay. WebMD says that choking is a leading cause of accidental death for young children. You should always cut up food in small pieces for kids under 5. Supervise them when they eat and learn CPR in case of emergency. Children under 5 should not eat...

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This Major Medical Company Is Recalling Kids Winter Medicine

We usually expect our medicine to help us, but sometimes, mistakes happen during the manufacturing process and life-saving medicines can become deadly.   Rarity Pharmaceuticals, a major medicine manufacturer, is recalling three homeopathic medicines sold through the CVS generic brand, including a kids ear relief liquid and infant teething tablets.   The company launched the recall because they spotted higher than specified amounts of belladonna in its medicines. In controlled settings, this ingredient is safe and common in a lot of medicines. But outside of the legal amount, it can be extremely poisonous. Belladonna is one of the most...

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Bullies Have a Change Of Heart After Things Turn Tragic

I don’t know of anyone who isn’t outraged when they hear stories of bullying. The hurtful words people say to us have a lasting impact, especially for children. Yet, Elizabeth Chenoweth’s story shows the importance of forgiveness and repentance.   Tyler and Scott were teens growing up in Ohio, both knew Elizabeth. Scott was taken with her beauty and a romance bloomed quickly. Tyler was jealous.   He and a few friends bullied her and Elizabeth broke up with Scott. Scott, heartbroken, joined the bullying. The taunting quickly moved to phone calls and harassment. It was then that Tyler’s...

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