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Bruno Lift: Get Easy Access to Any Vehicle

If you have mobility issues and have a hard time getting in and out of vehicles, the Bruno power lifts are perfect for you! They’re designed to help you get in your car and transport your wheelchair or scooter.

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EasyStroll Connector: The Stroller That Works with Your Wheelchair

The EasyStroll Connecter is perfect for parents or caregivers in wheelchairs! It’s designed to let parents in wheelchairs move independently with their babies. You can travel with your baby at home or outdoors, letting you enjoy more experiences with your child! It has a universal connector that can attach a wide variety of wheelchairs and strollers together. It has a minimalist design, ensuring it doesn’t clash with your existing stroller or wheelchair. The intuitive construction connects the stroller and wheelchair quickly. When you’re ready to separate, it can disconnect easily. Plus, the connector doesn’t interfere with the functions of...

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Sesame Access Retracting Stair Lifts: Wheelchair and Pedestrian Access in One Space

The Sesame Access retracting stair lifts are designed to convert from a traditional stairway to a wheelchair accessible ramp, all in one space! When you aren’t using the lift, the stairs have full pedestrian access. The system is designed to blend into the surroundings, maintaining the architectural and design merit of the building. They can be dressed in whatever material you want—it’s easy to match the rest of the building’s decor. Each Sesame system is custom made to the site—you can change it to suit your needs. The stairs are controlled by “stairs forward” and “stairs back” buttons. Simply...

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Stringbike Handbike: The Innovative Way to Ride a Bike with a Wheelchair

Now biking is accessible to almost everyone—the Stringbike Handbike is designed to attach to a wheelchair and let the user “ride a bike.” It’s built from regular Stringbike parts, but they’re maximized for hand use and they power the front wheel with clean strings. The two independent gearshifts control the power you need to push and pull the adaptable handlebar, and it connects quickly and easily to your wheelchair. It essentially extends your wheelchair with an extra wheel! The Handbike runs stable and fast—you can even use it indoors because of its small turning circle. Use long or short...

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