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Daughter Questions Mom’s White Hair, Has The Funniest Response

This funny joke involves a daughter who decided to ask her mom a simple question while she was doing the dishes.   When her mom comes up with a sarcastic reply, the girl decided to shoot back with a funny response of her own.   Read her response below:     Haha! We often see jokes where you shouldn’t mess with old people. In this case, you shouldn’t mess with kids either! LOL. If you laughed, be sure to share with your friends and family!   h/t...

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Parents Are Shocked When Twins Are Born And Are Not Exactly "Identical"

Donna and Vince, two parents, were thrilled when they heard the news that they would be having twins. However, they were in for an even bigger shock when their two girls: Lucy and Maria were born.   Being born to the same two parents, Maria has a caramel complexion and Lucy has a pale skin complexion. Two complete opposite sides of the spectrum.   via Facebook Like any other twins, their mom put them in matching outfits when they were younger. But as they grew older, their unique and different personalities started to shine. via Facebook The two were...

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Teacher Pulls Over Immediately When Majestic Albino Reindeer Is Spotted

Siv Poijo is a school teacher that was spending the holidays in Mala, Sweden. While Sweden on its own already sounds fantastic to visit, Poijo was astounded to find this amazing creature: an albino reindeer.   She was just returning to her cottage when she noticed the white beauty trying to cross the road with its pack of reindeer.   Poijo states, “For the Sami people, the white reindeer have special significance – I think they bring luck and are considered holy.” The white albino reindeer is the same species as a brown reindeer but has a case of...

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