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Widower Shares Emotional Story Behind Photo of His Late Wife on Facebook

Usually, pictures of your wife in a wedding gown spark feelings of happiness and joy. But for this husband, there will always be some sadness associated with this photo. John Polo met the love of his life, Michelle, in high school. After eight years apart, they reunited and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Tragically, Michelle lost her battle with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer in January 2016. Recently, John shared a photo of his late wife in her wedding gown and ended his post with words of wisdom. Read the full beautiful...

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This Widower’s Sad Online Search Has People All Over the Country Responding

Life can be incredibly difficult when you lose a spouse. But if you lose a close friend on top of that, you end up incredibly isolated and lonely.   A South Australian widower named Ray Johnstone knows this all too well. After a good friend passed away, he posted an ad on a UK classifieds site asking for someone to go fishing with.   “It gets a bit lonely just sitting around watching the TV a lot of the time,” he told a local news channel. In the ad, he offered to split all costs, and even listed his...

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This Man's Dollar Bill Had a Special Note from His Late Wife

Losing a loved one is never easy. Even after the initial grief passes, you’re left with the constant reminder that the person you love so much is never coming back.   Thankfully, Peter Bilello has a beautiful reminder of his late wife’s love and devotion.   In 2001, Peter’s beloved wife Grace was diagnosed with cancer. The treatments were long and grueling, but her husband found a way to make her smile. He and Grace each signed a dollar bill with their names.   For years, he held onto the dollar bills until he accidentally used both dollars while...

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