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Gray Wolf's Life Is Changed After Leaving Roadside Zoo For Good

This gray wolf named Bear, was kept in captivity in a roadside zoo where he would spend his life in a concrete and chainlink cage. Unaware of his living conditions, all we could tell from looking at him, is that he was suffering. Fortunately, Bear’s life completely changed when the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) decided to stand up for the gray wolf.   Bear was initially living at a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania called Animaland Zoological Park. As you may already know, wolves like to live in packs and share close bonds with one another. This wasn’t the...

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Wolf Pup Tries to Howl for the First Time

A wolf’s howl can put a chill in the blood of even the most hardened person.   This wolf pup is well on its way to striking terror in our souls, but for now, it’ll have to settle for melting our hearts.   Watch below as a man tries to teach a tiny fuzzball/wolf cub how to howl. If this doesn’t tug at your heart strings, then I don’t know what will. Teaching A Newborn Wolf How To Howl Teaching a newborn wolf how to howl… Provided by JukinVideo Posted by The LAD Bible on Tuesday, May 24,...

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