Tailgater Tire Table: Get More Out of Your Next Camping Trip

Have you ever got somewhere and realized you forgot to bring a table?

Maybe you brought one out but it can’t support even the smallest of items?

Look no further! The Tailgater Tire Table is here to help!

It’s a tire mounted steel table that mounts right onto your car tire and is incredibly stable.

You can use it as any ordinary table and fold it away when you’re done!

It’ s easy to install and requires no tools to assemble.

Simply attach the rods to the table and extend the tire rack.

Place the table onto your tire and fasten the bolts.

Extend the stabilizing pole onto the ground and you’ve got yourself a sturdy table!

If you’ve ever needed an extra set of hands or simply a place to place your belongings, the Tailgater will be at your side.

It’s great fir tailgating, camping, car trips, RVing and all outdoor vehicle adventures.

The powder coated finish stands up top the elements and can easily hold up to 50 lbs.

Compact and lightweight, the table is extremely portable and weighs just under 13lbs.

Get more out of your next adventure and bring the handy Tailgater Tire Table everywhere you go.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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