If you love playground swings, this is the mother of all of them. You can hover off the edge of the world.
The Swing at the End of the World is in Ecuador and you’re going to want to go.

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It sits at La Casa Del Arbol (“The Treehouse”).. Well, hangs is probably a more appropriate word. It’s attached to a tree that sits at the edge of a cliff with a steep drop to the valley below.

All you have to do is hover above certain death (kidding).

Sitting 2,600 metres above the South American oceanfront, you can see the beautiful and ominous view of the Tungurahua Volcano. Just to add to the adrenaline!

The volcano has been active for almost 20 years and you can see smoke and ash rise from it on a clear day.

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For only a dollar, you can sit on the seat of the swing and embark out over the expanse of the Ecuadorian mountains.
For those less adventurous, there is a zipline to take a ride on.
You can walk, drive or bike up to the summit, but keep in mind it’s quite the hike if you’re relying on your own energy. The best option is to take the bus up there, which leaves from the local village a few times a day.