We all love a fighter. Someone who against the odds, keeps their gloves up and battles through to the next round. This is true of all life. The story of an underdog is a popular one in many parts of the world. Today however, it’s not a story about an underdog but rather about an underfox.

An injured fox was found by the side of the road and had little hope of survival. But with the help, care, and dedication of volunteers, the newly named ‘Tammy’ the fox was on a fantastic and robust road to recovery. From being found left-for-dead, we see throughout the clip Tammy’s progress from injured and sick to vibrant and quick.

Though the music leaves a little to be desired (it’s reminiscent of some pirate’s sea shanty on a 1990’s keyboard), it’s the adorable visuals and an encounter with another fox that truly make this a heartwarming affair. In just 5 minutes, we see the story of near-death to full health and we are rewarded at the end by the footage of a happy fox bounding about the grass and trees.