Tap Dance Recital Hijacked by Rebel Preschooler, Ignores Choreography and Goes Off

Children dance recitals are great to get them exposed to being on stage and having all eyes on them. Its also great for the parents which, lets be honest, is typically more for them and the pride of seeing their kid on stage. A nice way to spend an evening watching your child stumble on stage, trying to remember the choreography as best as possible. This little preschooler had different plans for her performance though, going off on the happiest solo choreography as the rest of her dance troop tried to figure out what she was doing!

via YouTube

Grinning as wide as possible the entire time, our rebel performer led the audience on a wild roller coaster of laughter as she kicked and spun around loosely off beat. Her co-performers were too focused to notice the excited grey duckling amongst them, letting the beat of her own drummer carry her through the dance routine. She went looking for many smiles as we see in the video, where she looks to her left and is trying to express how happy she is! Many felt like she truly embodied the spirit of dance and creativity, not letting the guidelines limit her and simply enjoying the act of dancing!

via YouTube

This preschooler has everything to teach us about dance and freedom, to go where your mind takes you, and not give a care in the world about what others think! From the way we see adults dancing, or standing with soft swaying, at concerts and dance venues, we stand to take something away from this fiery rebel’s way of doing things!

Watch the adorable performance below, and let us know what you think about it!


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