A good teacher makes a big difference. At the end of the school year, students in New Jersey are subjected to the PARCC standardized test. As with any test, sometimes students feel the mounting pressure. So, to ease nerves on the day of the test, fifth grade teacher Chandni Langford wrote each of her students a personalized message on their desk before class started that day.

As per PARCC regulations, all written materials must be erased or hidden from sight before the test begins, so Mrs. Langford wrote the messages in dry erase marker. Each one is addressed to a specific student and highlights a specific skill they have.


On top of that, each child was treated to two donut holes – cause you can’t take a test on an empty stomach.


Mrs. Langford has been rightfully praised all across social media for her efforts and the special care she clearly has for each of her students. Good work, Mrs. L!


For another uplifting story about a dedicated teacher, take a look at this video of Special Education teacher Chris Ulmer complimenting every single student at that start of class each day.

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