Julian Hernandez was a little boy that vanished from his home in Alabama back in August of 2002. At the time, Julian was 5 years old, reported missing by his mother after his father left a note saying he’d taken the boy.
For the next 13 years, Julian would carry on living with his biological father without knowing about his mother. His father fled with Julian to Ohio, changing his name and taking on a false identity.
And just like any other regular 18-year-old, Hernandez began filling out college applications. That’s when he noticed something strange. His social security number didn’t match his name. So, he began to start to try find answers.

When a school counsellor discovered Julian was listed as a missing person by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Alabama police received a phone call. Shortly afterwards, Julian was reunited with his mother who was overjoyed to hear he was still healthy and well.

It’s incredible to see how this teen boy finally reunites with his mother a whole 13 years later!

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