Having a parent that serves in the army can be a difficult time for not only the parent, but also the kids as well. They miss out on all the important events and don’t get to see their loved ones at the dinner table.
9-year-old Addie Rodriguez knows this problem first-hand.

Rodriguez is a cheerleader for Central Catholic High School in San Antonio, Texas where her team was cheering and performing on the sidelines of the field.

For this particular performance, Addie was devastated that her dad could not make it. Addie’s cheer team incorporated the dads of the cheerleaders into this specific routine. In the routine, the dads of the cheerleaders would lift their daughter up onto their shoulders. Unfortunately for Addie, her father, Senior Airman Michael Locklear, is an active military member that could not attend her performance.

While Addie and her team were performing, one person noticed that Addie’s father wasn’t there to lift her up. That’s when he jumped over the fence and ran towards her, shocking everyone on the field with what he did next.

Watch the video below to hear more of Addie’s story: