Tennibot: Pick Up Tennis Balls with the Swipe of Your Finger

Perfect for the avid tennis player or coach, this robotic tennis ball collector will let you spend more time playing and teaching the sport instead of rounding up tennis balls.


The Tennibot is an autonomous & intelligent robot that can be remotely controlled with your phone to pick up the balls that you don’t bother picking up.


It travels in a straight line and when met with a ball, it will get sucked in by its rotating motors and pop the ball into the large bucket.

The Tennibot features an 80 ball-carrying capacity and a 1.4 mph speed which allows you to quickly and efficiently collect numerous balls that would have taken ages otherwise.


It can run for 4-5 hours on one charge that efficiently only takes 90 minutes to charge it up all the way.


To use the Tennibot, simply roll it onto the court, snap the tennis bot station on the net post, and use the app to control the Tennibot.


The Tennisbot station is in charge of tracking your Tennibot on the court and can be used for its autonomous mode.


You can use the app to tell the Tennibot what areas of the court you want to be cleared or for even more control over its location, you can manually drive it with controls on the app.


For the ability to clear balls in a customized zone while sticking to practicing your shots, try the Tennibot and never pick up another ball again.

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Watch the demo video down below!


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Tennibot Robotic Tennis Ball Collector